Fabric Terms & Conditions

Payment terms are NET THIRTY DAYS from date of invoice. Shipments are F.O.B. Ramsey , NJ and Toronto, Canada


Prices herein quoted are net wholesale. Prices are subject to change without notice. All shipping and special processing charges are additional. (Duty will apply to shipment from Canada)


When placing an order be sure ALL information is given, including pattern name or number, color, all shipping instructions and markings.
If an exact color match is required, please request a cutting of present stock for approval (CFA) or send a cutting to be matched.


Often much time can be saved and your order more satisfactorily filled, if you specify the end use for which the fabric is intended; and if it is for draperies or curtains, you specify the lengths needed. Please specify shipping instructions if a particular carrier is preferred. If no instructions are provided, shipments will be routed by the carrier we deem most expedient.


An adjustment will almost always take place, up or down, in any drapery length after it has been hung for the first time. Even preshrunk materials are allowed 3% shrinkage. On a 3-yard length, this is 3 inches. A minimum of 4" hems should therefore be used to permit later adjustments. Actually, fabrics should be installed, and hemmed later, when the fabric has adjusted itself to the room. (Dampness will cause fabrics to shrink, and dryness will cause fabrics to stretch.)
Note: Although in printing and weaving every effort is made to avoid distortion, occasionally it will exist. Therefore, when planning multiple-width draperies please make certain, BEFORE CUTTING, that pattern alignment is adequate to produce a satisfactory end result.


When inquiring about an order always be sure to list the "pattern" number or name, color and yardage required.


Reservations placed on fabric will be honored for 16 calendar days.
Pro-Forma Fabrics will be held for 10 working days.
Cuttings for approval (CFA) will be held for 14 calendar days after being sent from our office.


Memorandum samples are available on loan upon request. If these memo samples are not returned within 30 days they will be billed and not accepted for credit after due date.


No returns will be accepted unless authorization has been given.


If by chance incorrect merchandise is shipped, TSF will not accept any claims or responsibility if the merchandise has been cut and/or fabricated.
Fabric cannot be returned for credit after it has been cut. Yardage must be inspected for flaws, correctness of color, pattern, quantity and quality before cutting as no allowance will be made for cut fabric.
Your request for return authorization must include the invoice number, dates of invoice, pattern, color, yardage and reason. All returns must be made within 30 days of invoice date.
Since color variation often cannot be avoided from one dye lot to another, we do not guarantee dye lots, and can issue no credit for dye lot variation unless a sample to be matched is submitted with the order. If an exact color match is required, please request a reserve and cutting of present stock for approval before shipping.


Due to the possibility of differences in dye lots, we recommend that all fabrics be in your possession before any work is started. Paints and special dye jobs should be made up to match actual fabrics, not sample equipment. No claims will be recognized on fabric after it has been in any way processed by the purchaser.
Refused shipments, customer duplication of orders, or cancellations after shipment has been made are subject to a 25% re-stocking charge and all freight charges.
No fabric can be returned for credit if it has been processed by the purchaser in any way. No returns under 6 yards will be accepted.


In accordance with the provisions of the Flammability Act, the products listed in this price list are not intended for use in the manufacture of wearing apparel.
A continuing guarantee under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act is filed with the Federal Trade Commission.